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At Six Visions, our dedicated team is here to help you from start to finish. With years of experience and attention to detail that is unique, our talented team can help you design and install LED lighting and effects improving the old appearance.

The things we do best


LED products are our specialty a specialty, and what we are famous for. we have specialists that import all of our marital from the original sources. We provide LED products in different forms, shapes, and colors.


Design and install LED-displays in different shapes and sizes, in addition to the installation to every customer individually, in which a highly trained specialized team execute all the required installation for all types of businesses in a short time and high efficiency.


After-sales service (maintenance and spare parts) is one of the numerous services we provide at Six Visions. We also, provide consultancy services with providing the best solutions and answers for any question at any time.



The construction style and materials of a building are the crucial design elements, regardless whether it is a historical or modern building. If lighting deals sensitively
with architecture, the character of a facade remains the same, day or night. Architectural lighting employs a wide variety of methods.

LIGHTING Installation

Whether you are installing a completely new lighting system, redesigning or need maintenance on your existing lighting system, we can help!

When you are ready to install outdoor/indoor lighting around your building Six Visions is your choice to perform the electrical installation. High quality lightings, installed by our licensed electricians, can beautify your home and significantly enhance its curb appeal.


Complete Smart Home Automation Control Systems. Controllers are the “brains” of an intelligent home automation system. They allow you to integrate and control security, heating and air, lighting, entertainment and other home systems with simple convenience.


Six Visions provides both residential and commercial solar systems. we are a full service team providing solar design, installation and lifetime support to all our prospective and existing residential and commercial solar applications including solar power (PV), solar thermal (water heating), and solar pool heating.


Six Visions method

  • Find required lux level.
    Select luminaire.
  • Determine the room index.
  • Determine the Number of Fixtures.
  • Determine Minimum spacing between luminaire.
  • Determine Number of required rows of luminaire along the width of the room.
  • Determine Number of the luminaire in each row.
  • Axial spacing along luminaire.
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